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Welcome to The Chill Cafe, we always start the new week off with a note about what we’re playing, and are happy to note that we’ve added a variety of new music this week.  Music from Khalid, Johnnie Gill featuring (Ralph Transvant), Fantasia, Tank, Raphael Saddiq are just a few.  See the new music box for the complete list of new music adds.

Trending in the news this week came word that Kanye West is suing his music publisher to get out of his current contractual obligations, it is speculated, to seek new opportunities.  Also trending in the news this week, we heard that De La Soul is leaving the label they have been signed to for the last 30 years in a dispute over royalties derived from their catalogue. The iconic group was signed to the Tommy Boy label since they burst on the scene in 1989  with “Me, Myself and I.”  

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  1. Perfect ...Johnny Gill ft. R. Tresvant
  2. Talk…..Khalid
  3. No Guidance….. Chris Brown
  4. Something Keeps...Raphael Saddiq
  5. Me + You……. Monica
  6. Ex….. Kiana Lede
  7. Giving It  To You….. J.Brown
  8. Miss Me….. DVSN 
  9. Triggered….. Jhene Aiko

Other New Music: I Don’t Think You’re Ready – Tank, Perfect – Johnny Gill, Single Again – Big Sean, Do You Remember – Chance The Rapper


By KbakercoMedia

Nikki Manaj and Joe Budden

Nikki Minaj and Joe Budden Wage Hip-Hop’s First Podcast-Only Beef

Ken Baker, Writer

Ken Baker



The struggle to remain relevant has direct bearing on ones lifestyle if you’re an aging hip-hop icon, and that struggle is very real for older generation icons who are finding new life as radio /podcast hosts who need need to stir the pot with sensationalism to stir up and grow an audience, Nikki Minaj and Joe Budden are both now broadcasters with outspoken views and a flair for stirring chaos.

Rolling Stone Magazine reports that “on  Monday, Nicki Minaj and Joe Budden — two East Coast traditionalists and recently minted elder statesmen finding new life as radio/podcast hosts — finally aired their grievances (or at least Nicki did) on episode 15 of Apple Music’s Queen Radio. Budden’s transgressions, according to Nicki, were numerous. They included Joe’s claims that Minaj lied about the origins of “Motorsport” and Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hot Girl Summer,” his allegations that the Queen rapper had a drug problem on his podcast, and what Minaj deemed was his latent bias against women rappers. Minaj yelled and excelled, Budden deflected and stormed away, while his co-hosts Rory and Mal nervously chuckled.”

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