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Big Sean
Jay Z
Tray Chaney, Actor
Naomi Campbell
Photo of CellPhone with TikTok Icon
Too Short Rolling-Out Line of Branded Cannabis Pre-Rolled Products
Todd Anthony Shaw, who is better known by the stage name Too Short, is an Icon, known broadly as an 
American rapper, record producer, and actor.   Short is best known for his hits “The Ghetto” and “Blow the Whistle”. Too Short is an Icon for being one of the pioneer rappers of West Coast hip ho

R  Kelly’s Secret Marriage To Then 15 Year Old Aaliyah Used As Proscecution Evidence

R. Kelly’s secret marriage to an underage Aaliyah is being used by prosecutors to keep the disgraced singer behind bars Ac-cording to court docu-ments obtained by The Blast, prosecutors are trying to shut down Kelly’s attempt to have the judge reconsider granting him bond. A judge already denied his request

Comedian Kevin Hart

Brother Of Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles Charged with Triple Murder

Brother Of Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles Charged with Triple Murder



Big Sean
Jay Z
Tray Chaney, Actor
Naomi Campbell
Photo of CellPhone with TikTok Icon

Big Sean donates $100K  Studio To Detroit Based Boys and Girls Club 

Jay Z’s NFL Deal, Is a Black Icon Selling Out and Being Bought Off To Silence Activism?

Emenem Publisher Sues Spotify Claiming Massive Coptright Breach, “Uncon-stitutional Law”

Tray Chaney, Not quite a household name to many, But Like ‘Poot’, He’s got hustle

Black Community says stop Bullying Naomi Campbell

How Tik Tok Took Over Music: A New Power Player in The Industry?

Rapper and Detroit na-tive, Big Sean is the gift that keeps giving back to his community in a huge way. Sean held his se-cond annual DON Week-end to yoga, self healing, computer coding/ engin-eering, Music programs n lighting and more, on Saturday (Aug 17), 

There’s the Delimma, then there’s the truth… Rap mogul Jay Z publicly and vocally supported Colin Kaepernick’s peaceful protest against police brutality and is said to have even went as far as to talk Travis Scott out of performing during last year’s halftime Superbowl.

Eminem’s publisher Eight Mile Style has filed a major new lawsuit clai-ming Spotify has infringed hundreds of song copyrights and challenging the consti-tutionality of a recently passed music licensing law. Eight Mile Style alleges “Lose Yourself” and many of the

If you watch Bounce TV’s Saints & Sinners, you may have seen the character Kendrick Murphy, if you’re a fan of Short Films, perhaps you saw Tray, who starred in Angels in Rocket Field, but if you’re like me, you knew him well enough as the memo-rable character of Malik

Rev Al. Sharpton and other prominent black figures have began calling for an end to what is being described as a smear campaign against supermodel Naomi Campbell. Civil rights leader Rev Al Sharpton is leading the many calls to stop negative media

Tik Tok is an app which allows users to make 15-second videos set to mu-sic.  Just under a year ago, a Chinese company, Bytedance shut down their popular lip-sync video app Musical.Ly. and migrated their users to TikTok. The rebrand and launch of the new Tik Tok

KbakercoMediaBytes / Industry Update/  NewsWeekRecap/ Week Ending Saturday 08/17/19

Mariah Carey
Marvin Morgan, Designer
De La Soul, Rap Group
Sarah Silverman, Comedian
Kanye West
Eddie Murphy

Mariah Carey Wants To Star On Black-ish Spinoff Show

Mariah Carey is de-siring to star in a co-ming new spinoff of the hit TV show Black-ish.  Karen Gist, executive producer of the coming show, called Mix-ish, recently stated as much as quoted in nu-merous publications that 

Former UK Soccer Player Turned Designer Not Looking Back

When he first shared his vision for Fresh Ego Kid with a room full of strangers having just signed a new profes-sional football con-tract at Shrewsbury Town FC Marvin M,organ says he was told in no uncertain terms he wouldn’t be able

De La Soul End 30 Year Contract With Tommy Boy Records

DE LA SOUL have an-nounced they will be leaving the iconic rap label, Tommy Boy Records, after struggling to secure fair royalty rights to the groups back catalogue. The trouble between Posd-nuos, Trugoy, and Maseo and executives 

Comedian Sarah Silverman fired from movie after blackface sketch surfaces  

Stand-Up comedian and actor, Sarah Silverman, has recently admitted she lost out on a big movie role after a comedy sketch of her wearing blackface came to light. In a 2007 episode where Silverman dressed up in an episode of Comedy Central’s The Sarah Silverman Program. 

KANYE WEST ‘Not Allowed To Retire From Music’ Says Lawsuit

Kanye West is unable to retire from music, ac-cording to his contract with EMI Music Pub-lishing.  In January, the rapped filed a law-suit against EMI and Roc-A-Fella Records in order to “obtain his freedom” and get out of his publishing and label…

Eddie Murphy Stars As Iconic Pimp Character In ‘Dolemite Is My Name’

Eddie Murphy, the legendary comedian returns to the big screen in an Netflix original, Dolemite Is My Name. 
Murphy plays the role of a down-on-his-luck comic, who invents Do-lemite.  Dolemite is the Real-Life alter-ego of comedian Rudy Ray Moore



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