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XXXTentacion Murder Suspect Wants Testimony Tossed



By William Davis
August 29, 2019
One of the four men accused of murdering aspiring rapper XXXTentacion claims police violated his rights when questioning him, 
and last week (Aug 29) demanded the elicited testimony not be allowed in court.  According to court documents, Michael Boatwright has filed a motion to suppress testimony he gave police.  Boatwright is currently behind bars awaiting his trial. He has been preparing his defense for the case.
In newly filed documents, Boatwright’s lawyer claims on July 5, 2018, his client was arrested on an unrelated drug charge and transported to the Broward Sheriff’s Office interrogation room. He claims a homicide detective who was investigating Boatwright as a possible suspect in the murder of XXXTentacion immediately began asking him a series of “background” questions. 
XXXTentacion Murder Suspect Michael Boatwright

XXXTentacion Murder Suspect Michael Boatwright

XXXTentacion, Late Rapper
Boatwright says eight minutes into the questioning he told the officer he “don’t wanna talk no more.”
However, his lawyer says police did not stop the interview and continued asking questions. The officer 
then had someone come into the room and take photos and DNA from Boatwright.
Boatwright’s lawyer claims the officer only then read his client his Miranda Rights. Boatwright claims 
he continued remaining silent but did answer some questions. The officer allegedly said, “Just tell me to fuck off,
then. So I know you’re done.”
His lawyer says Boatwright “maintained his absolute innocence but made a number of statements which the 
State may attempt to portray as incriminating at trial.” Boatwright takes issue with the police officer 
continuing questioning him despite his protests. He claims this is in violation of the United States 
Constitution and wants his statements to be suppressed. A judge has yet to rule. The suspect has also filed documents informing the court he plans to dispose XXXTentacions Mother.

The Still Twisting Legacy Of XXXTentatcion

The Young Rappers Estate Is Worth More Than $5M



Looking at this young life that was gone much too soon, one word keeps coming to mind…   Suddenly. 

Suddenly his talent clicked, suddenly he was rich, then suddenly he was a father, an adult and just as suddenly, he was gone.

These photos and YouTube Videos are a part of the digital footprint the young man left. 

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XXXTentacion Upon Buying His First Car, A BMW

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XXXTentacion Upon Buying His First Car, A BMW

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Cleopatra Bernard, Mother of Late Rapper, XXXTentacion
Cleopatra Bernard
Ken Baker

Ken Baker

Sept. 02, 2019


Broward County MC, XXX-Tentacion, whose real name is Jahsen Onfroy was a young and upcoming musical artist who had ammassed celebrity, but who’s life was tragically cut short at the young age of 20 years old.

Jenesis Sanchez, purported of XXX's Child
Jenesis Sanchez