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Tik Tok App Nabs Sacramento Rapper A Million $$ Deal With Capitol Records



By William J. Davis

August 30, 2019


So far this year, artists like Lil Nas X, Sueco The Child, and Ambjaay have all parlayed TikTok memes into major label deals, Sacramento’s Stunna Girl is now the latest rapper to suddenly explode onto the scene by way of the social video sharing app.  In early July, with a high pitched voice, an animated style and a lot of attitude (albeit a positive message), and presented with a off-beat stacatto flow, Stunna Girl loaded her tune, entitled Runway on TikTok where it captured the attention of  enough TikTok afficianos to make it an (almost) instant viral hit, a month later, Stunna Girl shared an Instagram video announcing her million dollar deal with Capitol Records.  The spe-cific day that changed everything for Stunna Girl was Tuesday July 23, when a few Tik Tokers with millions of followers like Michelle Wozniak, Loren Gray, Jacob Santorius and Abby Roberts all made clips featuring the song, causing it to jump from 657 daily pageviews on July 23 to 4,394 the next day and a
Stunna Girl, Rapper

snowball-like effect took over momentum with more than 5,000 daily pageviews. According to TikTok, more than 3 million videos have been made with the Runway audio.  Stunna Girl’s debut on Spotify’s Viral 50 occurred July 31 where it still remains in the top 5 (as of this writing), and is now  featured on the streaming  

services Most Necessary playlist.  Tracking Stunna Girls growth potential, her Runway audio track sits at nearly 4 million  views on YouTube, as of this date after just crossing 1 million views on August 2.   With her deal, a video is the obvious next step.  Who will be the next to use TikTok as a stepping stone, we will wait and see.

Stunna Girl, Rapper

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